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Engineer Tarak Banerjee passed from Jadavpur University , Kolkata , with Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering . Further, he was awarded 'Chartered Engineer' by Institute of Engineers , India. Tarak Banerjee has successfully completed various building projects in and around Kolkata , India .

'Exotech' is the company which works in association with Tarak Banerjee in the field of construction . All the architectural and structural designs are presented using the latest computer technology . The company established a great reputation in its arena for designing the structures economical .

We design all our building projects considering safety and economy together . The perfect balance is maintained between the two .

We consider execution of work play an important role in complete success of a project . A well designed project can only be well build if the supervision of work is perfect . Quality control is done in all stages to ensure the safety and durability of structure .

We support our clients with low cost exotic elevation , well oriented architectural layouts with the flavour of 'Bastu' , and above all , cost effective structural design . This way, we have built a group of satisfied clients .

We are offering the following services to clients :-
* Quality Drawings ( computer representation ) .
* Estimate and project cost analysis .
* Bar Chart Schedule .
* Economic Structural Design.
* Modern Design Concept .
* Supervision of Works .